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Our mission is to produce the absolute very best safari experiences that photographers could ever hope for. Whether you’re wanting to experience the awesome beauty of the South African coastline, the 3 Kingdoms of Zululand, Swaziland and Lesotho, the thrill of getting up close and personal with Africa’s Big 5, trekking to find gorillas, floating down a river in Botswana or making outstanding images of the Namibian landscapes, we’re here to make it happen for you. It’s all about putting you in the right places at the right times to get amazing shots and to also enjoy the company of other photographers.

The Latest From Our Blog

Slides From The Ultimate Big 5 Safari Pt. 1

By |29th June 2015|

Chris Wahl is a long standing member of Nikongear/Fotozones and last year we were privileged to have him join us on our Ultimate Big 5 Safari at Sabi Sabi. Here’s the first in a four […]

In Memory Of Carolyn Guild

By |24th June 2015|

A few months ago I was rather saddened to hear of the passing of a photography friend of mine who I met online via my Nikongear.com project several years ago. Carolyn Guild was a wonderfully gifted […]

This Leopard Video Will Leave You Awestruck

By |22nd June 2015|

I’m not much of a videographer, but I do make some videos on wildlife safaris when I feel that the memory will be better served with a video than a still frame. Things like animals […]

Camera Gear & Other Cool Stuff We Use On Safari

My camera gear for Wild Waterways Of Botswana

By |28th March 2014|

This year our feature photo safari takes us to the Chobe region in the north east part of Botswana. Here is my thinking on what gear to take. Botswana is an amazing country. It’s blessed […]

Getting into the Micro Four Thirds System

By |9th January 2014|

This post is re-published from our sister site, Fotozones.com. If you are interested in mirrorless cameras or photography in general please go and check it out.

Those of you familiar with my own story will know […]

From Nikon to Olympus

By |6th December 2013|

I never thought the day would come when I would once again be without a Nikon camera in my kit. There was a brief period between 2001 and 2004 when I shot with Canon EOS […]