“Dear Pepe and Dallas: There are several crucial criteria which must be met before I will travel with any company on an expedition:
1. Safety of participants.
2. Itinerary of travel consistent with my goals of country, conveyance of travel ( boat, truck planes etc.)
3. Photographic quality of subjects and terrain.
4. Quality of lodgings and food.
5. Physical assistance during travel or expedition if traveler is handicapped or disabled.
6. Quality of fellow travelers.
I am happy to report you have exceeded all my expectations in every respect. As you are probably aware, this is my third trip with you. By far, this expedition was better than all previous expeditions. River and border crossings were seamless. Accommodations and food quality were wonderful. Photographic opportunity was without peer. The guests were excellent folks with profound photography experience and talent. They were also great fun to socialize and travel with. There was never a feeling of being in any unsafe situation or environment. All in all, a perfect safari. I cannot wait for your next scheduled safari and or expedition.”
Dr. G Langberg, Fort Myers, USA
“Since this was my first Safari I wasn’t having clear expectations but this trip surely sets the bar to an extremely high level on each aspect of a photo safari. Everything was always done to help us photographers obtain the best images and the support given by the guides, rangers and trackers was unsurpassable. They always went the extra mile to get us into position for those special shots. Not only was the Safari an overwhelming experience, also the extension trip covering the three kingdoms and the Garden Route journey my parents did with Pepe was just perfect and left no wishes unfulfilled. I will certainly join you again for Sabi Sabi and most likely for other trips as well. Thanks for everything Pepe and Dallas, also on behalf of my parents!”
Chris Wahl, Manheim, Germany
“Just got back home a few hours ago, many thanks for the magnificent time we spent with you and all the other safarians. Glad you enjoyed the Port! We will take some more next time. From Portugal with love!”
Blu & Teresa Garrett, Portugal
“My husband and I just returned from the trip of a lifetime…The Ultimate Big 5 Safari at Sabi Sabi organized by photographers.travel. I cannot say enough about the quality of this safari! Dallas and Pepe have built such a phenomenal rapport with the staff at Sabi Sabi that from the moment we arrived, we felt like we were among long lost friends! You can get animal encounters at any safari; what makes this one so special is the human element…they took care of absolutely everything, from arranging lodging, dinner and airport transfers in Johannesburg to working closely with the staff at Little Bush Camp to guarantee our stay was nothing short of perfect. If you are contemplating an African Safari, my advice to you is this: Stop shopping around and book your trip with photographers.travel. You will be happy you did!”
Marianne & Fred Azinger, Portland, OR. U.S.A.
“Dallas: it was a pleasure for my wife and me to have finally met you. We’d like to thank you for hosting the 2012 Nikongear Safari and have nothing but high praise for all the work that you and Pepe Jones did in putting the safari together. Everything was as advertised with the accomodations, food, guides and viewing all being superlative in all instances. This was our first trip that was not organized by a large, well-known group such as National Geo or Bushtracks, and we can say that you equalled or exceeded their efforts in all aspects. We’d like to award you the five stars you deserve and look forward to traveling with you in the future.”
Richard & Barbara Sandor, Denver, CO. U.S.A.
“If you are a photographer, this is the trip for you. It is designed to help you get your best shot – location, position, angle, light and most importantly spending the time needed without rushing to the next thing. Pepe is a great guide; she shares her wealth of knowledge on all aspects of the trip – environment, history, culture, fauna, wildlife, etc. We will definitely be back.”
Roland & Lena Tibell, Andorra
“Had the best safari of my life. Number 5 is the magic number! You and Pepe as well as all the rangers, trackers were the very best. I am looking forward to our next trip together.”
G.L., U.S.A.
“This was a great photo safari, organised for photographers by photographers. Sabi Sabi is one of the rare parks where you can get really close to the animals, even the big cats, so there were wonderful opportunities to photograph them and their behaviour. Our rangers were themselves keen photographers. They understood about lighting and angles and were able to get us into position for the best shots. It was good to have Little Bush Camp just for our group. It is an attractive and comfortable lodge, with great food (far too much of it) and very friendly staff. This was my third safari, and by far the best for photography. Thanks to Dallas and Pepe for making sure we all had a great time.”
Anthony Macaulay, London, UK
“I can’t even begin to to express my gratitude to you for putting together such a fabulous Safari (and its extension!) for me. Nicola and I were both thrilled by our experience in Sabi Sabi and both of us enjoyed having the chance to spend time with such a wonderful bunch of people. This group was just so much fun, and everyone was so interesting and easy to get along with. The quality of service, the amenities and the outstanding cooking at Little Bush Lodge could not have been better and the game drives were simply amazing. Rika and Richard are wonderful guides and definitely need to be grabbed for all future Sabi Sabi Safaris. Thank you again for all that you did for me while I was in South Africa and I hope very much that I can find a way to return again next year.”
Ann Shelbourne, Brewster, NY U.S.A.
“We had such a great trip with you all…I’ve told everyone that it was the most exciting thing I’ve ever done…quite a number of my colleagues are now planning trips to Sabi Sabi based on my comments!”
Nicola Shelbourne, Connecticut, U.S.A.
“We had a great time – we’ve just about recovered from our jet lag now. The quality of the wildlife viewing at Sabi Sabi was fantastic – less big herds than we have seen in East Africa but more leopards (we saw a female with cubs, as well as a big male) and rhinos. As Christina and I have seen a lot of lions it was nice to see some of the smaller animals like dwarf mongooses and a serval cat (the lions were there, too). All the animals seemed very relaxed, more natural, less stressed by the vehicles and our Ranger, Cameron, was a very good driver guide who got us some good photo ops. We had lunches at Bush Lodge and Earth Lodge, which we enjoyed, but we felt Little Bush Camp was the right choice.”
Paul Deakin, Hong Kong