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Dallas Dahms is a digital media producer and photographer. He is the founder of Fotozones, an international photography website where like-minded photography enthusiasts gather to share knowledge about photography and create friendships. Dallas is also the founder of Photographers.travel.
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Inside Safari Episode 3

The third instalment of this series of videos filmed on our 8th Ultimate Wildlife Safari sees the introduction of a famous narrator! […]

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Inside Safari Episode 2

Here (finally) is episode 2 of the behind the scenes series of videos I am making of the Ultimate Big 5 Safari we did this past August/September. In this episode we head off on the first of our 12 game drives and we encounter Maxabeni, the dominant leopard of the [...]

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Behind the Shot: Sunset On Chobe

Every now and again in your photography career you make a shot that sticks with you. One of these shots for me is this one, which is of a Marabou stork sitting on the bank of the Chobe river just as the sun sets behind it. The things that attract [...]

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Behind The Shot: Deadvlei, Namibia

Dallas Dahms Today we're in Sossussvlei Namibia, where we venture a little further into the Sossussvlei to the world famous Deadvlei, which is right at the end of the reserve. The Deadvlei is a pan full of dead trees, apparently frozen in time, surrounded by the enormous dunes of [...]

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Inside Safari (Episode 1)

Somewhere over the course of the past year I got interested in YouTube, especially travel videos, vloggers and of course technology related videos. I decided that I wanted to make a video series of what it is like to be on our Ultimate Photo Safari, so I got myself geared [...]

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Behind The Shot: Elephants On The Chobe

If you're ever fortunate enough to visit the Chobe on a photography safari, you'll come to know that this particular spot has the highest density of elephants on the entire continent. They love the water and there is plenty of it in this region. This image was taken on our [...]

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