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Behind the Shot: Sunset On Chobe

Every now and again in your photography career you make a shot that sticks with you. One of these shots for me is this one, which is of a Marabou stork sitting on the bank of the Chobe river just as the sun sets behind it. The things that attract [...]

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Review: The Perfect Travel Camera Case

ThinkTank have released what I think is probably the perfect roller for the photographer who needs to travel by air with a decent amount of kit on any kind of photography excursion. As many of my readers over the years will already know, one of the biggest problems I have [...]

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My camera gear for Wild Waterways Of Botswana

This year our feature photo safari takes us to the Chobe region in the north east part of Botswana. Here is my thinking on what gear to take. Botswana is an amazing country. It’s blessed with unimaginable beauty in the form of Africa’s most exciting rivers for wildlife and adventure, [...]

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Getting into the Micro Four Thirds System

This post is re-published from our sister site, Fotozones.com. If you are interested in mirrorless cameras or photography in general please go and check it out. Those of you familiar with my own story will know that I have come to m43 from Nikon FX where I used a couple [...]

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From Nikon to Olympus

I never thought the day would come when I would once again be without a Nikon camera in my kit. There was a brief period between 2001 and 2004 when I shot with Canon EOS but then I returned to my Nikon roots in late 2005 with the purchase of [...]

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LEE Filters Seven5 System Review

The genre of photography that excites me the most these days is landscapes. I can’t think of anything I enjoy shooting more than a drama filled natural landscape. I feel at peace doing this type of photography, truly content. In preparing for our recent photo safari to Namibia I was looking at getting a filter system to help me make the most of the landscape photo opportunities that we were going to encounter. So why use filters when a lot of the effects they offer can be replicated in post production software like Photoshop or Lightroom? Well, firstly I don’t like to do things in post when they can be done in the camera. If there’s a recipe for making me fed up it involves me sitting behind a computer screen for hours tweaking pixels with masks and layers in software that requires a great deal of expertise to get the best results from (besides, I’m not playing the Adobe rent-a-shop game these days). Secondly, the sensors on digital cameras these days have pretty good dynamic range, but if you want to make the most of the digital information captured on those sensors, it’s probably best to avoid working with the extremes of DR. If you’re on the edge of blowing out the sky while lifting the foreground, why not just play it safe and protect the sky with a neutral density graduated filter? […]

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