LEE Filters Seven5 System Review

The genre of photography that excites me the most these days is landscapes. I can’t think of anything I enjoy shooting more than a drama filled natural landscape. I feel at peace doing this type of photography, truly content. In preparing for our recent photo safari to Namibia I was looking at [...]

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ThinkTank Airport International V2.0 on safari

As a photographer who organises wildlife safaris fairly often, the biggest elephant in the room I usually have to deal with is transporting my camera gear on airplanes between cities in South Africa. The issue is that if you are flying on a domestic airline within South Africa the rule [...]

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Review: ThinkTank Retrospective 5

  Somebody somewhere recommended this bag to me as a good option for a small mirrorless system. Our local pro shop had one in stock and I mulled over it for days. Eventually the GAS was too much to bear and I went down there yesterday, credit card in tow. An [...]

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