Crazy Summer Wildlife

blog_005After all the rain this summer the bush is thick, green and fully in bloom. Flowers are out, trees are fruiting and all the animals are looking after their new born babies. We have had some amazing new additions to Sabi Sabi over the past few months which have provided some interesting photo opportunities.

blog_003Normally summer is associated with difficult times as we battle to find animals that easily disappear into the dense undergrowth but for the last 2 weeks we have been pumping. Our two lion cubs who are now approaching 4 months old have been out regularly and it is amazing to see how they have been growing. We have also had our first introduction to 3 new lion cubs, they are only 5 weeks old and I have been the only fortunate one to get a chance to view them properly. They are still being moved around by their mother in her mouth as they are too small to walk long distances. In a few more weeks they will be introduced to the rest of the pride and their 2 cousins.

blog_012Leopards have been out in abundance and our new dominant male, ‘M’, has been stamping his authority on the area. In the space of a day we watched him chasing away our old dominant male, Sandriver. By the wounds on his legs I could see that there must have been a momentous battle over territory before we saw them. This means that Sandriver’s two remaining offspring are in grave danger as the new male will not tolerate them and will attempt to kill them to bring their mothers back into oestrus.

This was proved later that day while we were on evening safari and ‘M’ came across one of the females with a cub…he went straight for the year old cub but his mother jumped in and furiously defended the little one, giving him just enough time to get away.

The next highlight of the last two weeks was watching ‘M’ hunting warthog and successfully catching one of the piglets.

blog_009The bush is alive with happenings at the moment. Birds are in full colour as the boys try to attract the ladies, there is an abundance of insects to watch and photograph and of course the flowers are just spectacular. The other gifts that summer gives us are incredible sunsets with the clouds providing the perfect canvas for the setting suns light.

That’s all for now…until my next bush update…

Ranger Rich

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