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Tailor-made For You

Whilst our group safaris for photographers are immense fun, we realise that group travel may not be everybody’s cuppa tea, or maybe the dates of our trips may not necessarily coincide with your personal vacation time. So, with that in mind we are very happy to book any of our Group Safaris, or customised safaris to most destinations in Southern Africa (including Madagascar) for you to do privately, at any time of the year that suits you best.

We can customise things such as accommodation grade levels to meet your budget, the time frame of your trip (eg, more days in one place) and specific photographic interests (types of animals or locations). If you’d like us to guide you we’re happy to, or if you’d like to do a self-drive that’s just as cool with us.

Bank On Our Experience

Things can go wrong when you’re travelling. Luggage can get lost, flights can be delayed, people can get sick. If you book through us instead of directly with an accommodation provider we can take care of all the small details and contingencies that could mean the difference between a miserable trip and a magnificent one. We have a lot of experience with Plan B situations, so if you’d like us to produce a professional customised safari for you, all you need to do is send us an email.

One thing we do ask if you’d like us to put together a really great trip for you is to give us a good lead time. We don’t like to put together trips at short notice because invariably that results in something that is not optimal for you and then ultimately it reflects badly on us. Ideally we’d like to have at least a year’s notice before you travel, but it’s not a hard and fast rule. We have been able to accommodate people with 3 month lead times, but then it’s also very dependent on where exactly you want to go and where you want to stay.

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