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  • Wildlife Photo Safari 2019

    Wildlife Photo Safari 2019 Selati Camp, Sabi Sabi Private Game Reserve, South Africa 23-30 June 2019 UPDATE (8 Oct 2018): This Safari Is Now SOLD OUT Since 2010 Sabi Sabi, situated in the Sabi Sands Private [...]

  • Inside Safari Episode 3

    The third instalment of this series of videos filmed on our 8th Ultimate Wildlife Safari sees the introduction of a famous narrator! […]

  • Inside Safari Episode 2

    Here (finally) is episode 2 of the behind the scenes series of videos I am making of the Ultimate Big 5 Safari we did this past August/September. In this episode we head off on the [...]

  • Behind the Shot: Sunset On Chobe

    Every now and again in your photography career you make a shot that sticks with you. One of these shots for me is this one, which is of a Marabou stork sitting on the bank [...]

  • Behind The Shot: Deadvlei, Namibia

    Dallas Dahms Today we're in Sossussvlei Namibia, where we venture a little further into the Sossussvlei to the world famous Deadvlei, which is right at the end of the reserve. The Deadvlei is a [...]

  • Inside Safari (Episode 1)

    Somewhere over the course of the past year I got interested in YouTube, especially travel videos, vloggers and of course technology related videos. I decided that I wanted to make a video series of what [...]

  • Behind The Shot: Elephants On The Chobe

    If you're ever fortunate enough to visit the Chobe on a photography safari, you'll come to know that this particular spot has the highest density of elephants on the entire continent. They love the water [...]

  • 2016 Ultimate Big 5 Safari Feedback

    As I have mentioned in numerous previous posts over the years, the Ultimate Big 5 Safari has proven to be the very best introduction to African wildlife for photographers that you can get. Our most [...]

  • Review: The Perfect Travel Camera Case

    ThinkTank have released what I think is probably the perfect roller for the photographer who needs to travel by air with a decent amount of kit on any kind of photography excursion. As many of [...]

  • The History Of The Ultimate Big 5 Safari

    After the first safari I hosted for Nikongear in 2009, I decided that road trips with a group of people were not the kind of adventures I found conducive to good photographic experiences. Getting everybody [...]