In Memory Of Carolyn Guild

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A few months ago I was rather saddened to hear of the passing of a photography friend of mine who I met online via my project several years ago. Carolyn Guild was a wonderfully gifted landscape photographer who lived in three places periodically through the year, namely California, Utah and Mexico, where she practised the art of producing outstanding black & white landscape photos (and prints that she made herself). Carolyn had many exhibitions in the USA and we talked extensively back in 2010 about producing a landscape workshop for Nikongear members in Namibia. Carolyn was so excited to do this, but sadly there just wasn’t enough interest to make it happen, so we shelved the idea.

Carolyn gradually withdrew from her online personality and over the last few years we didn’t really hear much from her on Nikongear, or its successor Fotozones. Little did I know that she had been battling cancer and passed away in March this year. Life is so short and can be so cruel.

Several members on Fotozones posted their condolences and also began paying tribute to Carolyn by posting their own black and white landscapes on the forum. I have made some of my own B&W images taken from the 2013 safari that I eventually managed to get enough interest in. They are nowhere near the level of Carolyn’s but I hope that you will enjoy them and perhaps this post might inspire you to explore and pay respect to your world by means of photographs too.

A black and white rendition of the famous “Deadvlei” in Sossussvlei, Namibia. This was almost a grab shot while I was on my way back to the pick-up point after our hike to get to the deadvlei.

On one of the trips we made into the Sossussvlei during that safari we spent some time in the late afternoon photographing the dunes. While everybody was making images of the massive dunes, I turned around and thought that this scene looked almost “otherworldly”, so I planted my tripod, picked out a LEE .6 neutral density graduated filter and made a series of images. This one I liked the most.

A few days after the time spent in Sossussvlei (where it was really hot!) we travelled north to a place known as Damaraland where the landscape was simply incredible. This shot was made atop a massive boulder that served as the “pub” for the lodge we were staying in. Sitting up there, having sundowners with our guests and making photographs of the sunset is something I will forever cherish. This image has suffered a bit of halo effect in the B&W conversion but it still looks ok.

At the beginning of this 2013 safari we spent some time in a very wet and miserably cold Cape Town where there wasn’t much opportunity to do any landscape work. However, about a day or so before the bulk of our guests arrived we took advantage of some clear skies and went off to Bloubergstrand to make some photos of the iconic Table Mountain. This one I like because of the leading lines in the sandy shore.


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