Inside Safari (Episode 1)

Somewhere over the course of the past year I got interested in YouTube, especially travel videos, vloggers and of course technology related videos. I decided that I wanted to make a video series of what it is like to be on our Ultimate Photo Safari, so I got myself geared up and began the search for a suitable video camera (as much as I love the Olympus E-M1 its video capabilities are quite limited). The Mk II upgrade to the E-M1 is seriously expensive and pretty much beyond my budget for camera stuff at this time, so I ruled that out early on. What I eventually decided on getting was, believe it or not, an iPhone 7 Plus. I did a bunch of videos over on Fotozones YouTube channel explaining that whole process of gearing up, so if you are interested in that stuff go check it out.

The end result of all that was what I am about to present below, namely episode 1 of Inside Safari. I’m quite proud of how it came out, but trust me, this video stuff is a completely different kind of animal to stills photography! It took me 3 weeks to put together this first episode. I had to review footage, pick what was most related to the story and then set about editing it. One of the trickiest parts was finding the kind of music I wanted to use. I ended up getting some royalty free tracks from a variety of sources. Hopefully it doesn’t sound too bad (I know I get really tired of hearing the middle tune after about the first week of editing, but I wasn’t going to go and try and find another one).

Anyway, here’s the episode! Please click through to YouTube and let me know what you think in the comments section there.



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