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When there’s nothing to shoot, there’s nothing to shoot. But sometimes nothing can make a far greater statement than anything. This desert seems to roll on without end. It’s like one very long and undulating beach. Wherever you look there’s only sand and more sand.

It’s nothing and everything all at once. A stark, barren reminder of just how harsh the earth’s surface can be. At one time this place must have looked very different, perhaps it was full of vegetation once and slowly over millions of years it developed into this dry, sandy patch of the earth’s skin. The geologists will have a theory on that, no doubt. But for me, in this moment, all I can see is nothing and nothing is more powerful than that.

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Taken handheld out of the window of the vehicle seen above (while it was moving).

The images are of the dunes just outside Swakopmund on the Namibian coast. All taken with the Olympus OM-D E-M5 during an afternoon excursion to the region where we photographed chameleons, snakes and a variety of other life forms that somehow survive out there. If you’d like to join our small group (no more than 5) of photographers returning to this area in 2014 please get in touch.

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