I’m just going to come right out and say it: nobody does African photo safaris quite like we do. We are definitely the best at this.

Over the past 5 years we have returned to the Sabi Sands 5 times and each time we’ve gone there we have had sightings that have had our eyeballs sticking out of their sockets on stalks, a la Looney Toons. On our very first visit in 2010 we were no longer than 30 minutes into our first game drive when we saw a male cheetah giving chase after a herd of impala. That kind of sighting is a once in a lifetime sort of thing, yet we’ve seen it happen twice on our Ultimate Big 5 Safari, because it happened again in 2013.

We’ve also seen leopards and lions hunting, successfully and unsuccessfully, we’ve seen leopards in a tree losing a kill to a hyena, we’ve chased after African Wild dogs as they made a kill and watched them obliterate their prey within minutes. We’ve also seen leopards mating! Just last month we were fortunate enough to enjoy this rarest of sightings and I caught it all on video. Below is a short 2 minute clip I recently uploaded to YouTube with some of the highlights from just this year’s trip. Once you’ve watched it ask yourself whether you want to miss our 2016 edition?

We are happy to announce that because the first Ultimate Big 5 trip for 2016 sold out so quickly with returning Safarians, we have also made another block booking for 11-18 September 2016, so as to accommodate new Safarians. Space is limited to only 4 suites for that overflow edition of UB5 and we also have the option of using a specialised photographic vehicle with swivel seats for our guests. Here’s a pic showing what the specialised Land rover looks like. The two seats in the middle of the vehicle rotate 360˚and have arms that you can clamp your large lenses onto. There are also 2 elevated seats in the back row, also with arms for clamped rigs. In addition, just in front of the rotating seats there is a place where you can lie down to get really low angled shots without getting out of the vehicle (which you actually can’t do except in designated drink spots).


So, if you are convinced that this is the photography safari you are most likely to get that shot of a lifetime on (which is why so many of our guests keep coming back), all you have to do is pop us an email and we will send you the relevant information. We do hope to make you a part of our special family soon. 🙂