A Minute Or Two On The Wild Waterways

Often when I am on safari I find myself torn between shooting video or shooting stills. Although I am primarily a photographer, video is becoming an increasingly more interesting field to me. I'm slowly getting the hang of making videos, although I am nowhere near the point where I can [...]

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Hyena Mafiosi

They lurk around the bush like gangsters, always looking for an easy score and because they're so good at scavenging they have earned their reputation as one of Africa's least loved animals. But if you look a little deeper at the way hyenas operate you'll begin to get an appreciation [...]

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In Memory Of Carolyn Guild

A few months ago I was rather saddened to hear of the passing of a photography friend of mine who I met online via my Nikongear.com project several years ago. Carolyn Guild was a wonderfully gifted landscape photographer who lived in three places periodically through the year, namely California, Utah and [...]

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