Hyena Mafiosi

They lurk around the bush like gangsters, always looking for an easy score and because they're so good at scavenging they have earned their reputation as one of Africa's least loved animals. But if you look a little deeper at the way hyenas operate you'll begin to get an appreciation [...]

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Photographing Leopards In the Sabi Sands

There's no other place on earth where you will get closer to and have more encounters with leopards than at the Sabi Sands Private Game Reserve. The region has the highest density of leopards in Africa, mainly because of the tree-filled terrain which is the ideal habitat for leopards. They have [...]

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7 Photos From 7 Safaris

Since 2009 Pepe and I have put on 7 photographic safaris. The only year we missed was 2011, which for some reason we couldn't find any takers for the 4 different trips we had planned that year. Probably had something to do with the hangover from the 2010 Soccer World Cup [...]

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Slides From The Ultimate Big 5 Safari Pt. 1

Chris Wahl is a long standing member of Nikongear/Fotozones and last year we were privileged to have him join us on our Ultimate Big 5 Safari at Sabi Sabi. Here's the first in a four part series of slide shows Chris has put together. It's a wonderful record of the sightings [...]

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Watch What Happens Next

I'm not much of a videographer, but I do make some videos on wildlife safaris when I feel that the memory will be better served with a video than a still frame. Things like animals on a kill or if you ever get the chance to see a cheetah chase, [...]

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The Ultimate Big 5 Safari 2014

On the three previous occasions that we have spent a week on photo safari at Little Bush Camp we have seen some pretty awesome stuff, but on this fourth occasion animal sightings got so crazy that on the last drive I dubbed it the “Magnum Opus Safari”. It was that [...]

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