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In Memory Of Carolyn Guild

A few months ago I was rather saddened to hear of the passing of a photography friend of mine who I met online via my Nikongear.com project several years ago. Carolyn Guild was a wonderfully gifted landscape photographer who lived in three places periodically through the year, namely California, Utah and [...]

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The Ultimate Big 5 Safari 2014

On the three previous occasions that we have spent a week on photo safari at Little Bush Camp we have seen some pretty awesome stuff, but on this fourth occasion animal sightings got so crazy that on the last drive I dubbed it the “Magnum Opus Safari”. It was that [...]

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My camera gear for Wild Waterways Of Botswana

This year our feature photo safari takes us to the Chobe region in the north east part of Botswana. Here is my thinking on what gear to take. Botswana is an amazing country. It’s blessed with unimaginable beauty in the form of Africa’s most exciting rivers for wildlife and adventure, [...]

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Sossusvlei Revisited

Sossussvlei is certainly an interesting place to visit for photography. There’s a small amount of game to be seen around, mostly Gemsbok (Oryx) and Springbok, but the main reason people come here is to marvel at the enormous red dunes that make up this part of the Namib desert. The sand here is a very fine, coppery red and the dunes take on amazing colours throughout the day as the sun passes overhead. We spent our first two nights in the Sossusvlei Lodge, which is just outside the main gates to the Sossussvlei Nature Reserve. A very nice, place to stay, although it is a pretty large camp. They provide free wifi there, which was the first time we had been connected to the internet properly for a few days, so it gave us a chance to check on emails, post some photos and do other online things. […]

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Review: ThinkTank Mirrorless Mover 30i

If you’re like me, when you get into something you get in with both feet and get totally wet. It’s been like that since I got my first mirrorless camera a couple of years ago, the original Olympus Pen E-P1. I now find myself on my 4th mirrorless body, the charming little Olympus OM-D E-M5 and it seems to want to surround itself with lots of shiny little attachable bits. I’ve now got 5 lenses (and a Nikon F mount adapter) for the micro four thirds system and still find myself looking at not only other lenses for the OM-D, but also other systems like the Fuji X-trans system as possible future companions. Some call it GAS (gear acquisition syndrome) while others, the learned kind who spend their days sitting around in leather chairs listening to the troubles of others, probably call it obsession, or psychosis, or something worse. Whatever you call it, when you get it you get it and unless its life threatening just go with it, man. […]

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