I’m not much of a videographer, but I do make some videos on wildlife safaris when I feel that the memory will be better served with a video than a still frame. Things like animals on a kill or if you ever get the chance to see a cheetah chase, or in the case of this video a leopard in a tree with a kill, one of the rarest sightings on safari.

Anyway, last year while we were on the Ultimate Big 5 Safari in Sabi Sabi, South Africa I finally got the chance to see a leopard in a tree with a kill. Actually, two leopards in the same tree, one a cub and the other a mother. The mother had hoisted an impala kill into a high branch of the tree and they were both feeding on this bounty when something unforeseen happened. I’ve chopped this footage down from about 25 minutes to 5 minutes, but you have to watch to the end to fully enjoy the tribulations of the life of a leopard in Africa. Enjoy!